Glia in health and disease

Recent Publications
  • Moeton, Stassen et al. GFAP isoforms control intermediate filament network dynamics, cell morphology, and focal adhesions 
    Cell Mol. Life Sci.
  • Hol and Pekny Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and the astrocyte intermediate filament system in diseases of the central nervous system 
    Current Opinion in Cell Biology
  • Osborn, L et al Astrogliosis: An integral player in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. 
    Prog Neurobiol  
  • Michalidou, I et al Actionvation of endogenous neural stem cells for multiple sclerosis therapy 
    Front Neurosci  
  • Jansen, A.H. et al. The ubiquitin proteasome system in glia and its role in neurodegenerative diseases. 
    Front Mol Neurosci  
  • Kanski, R. et al. Histone acetylation in astrocytes suppresses GFAP and stimulates a re-organization of the intermediate filament network. 
    J Cell Sci
  • Orre, M. et al. Isolation of glia from Alzheimer's mice reveals inflammation and dysfunction. 
    Neurobiol of Aging



  • 2015 July - Miriam van Strien and Jinte Middeldorp received a ZonMW Memorabel fellowship
  • 2015 Jan - Elly Hol and Erik Boddeke received grant from Memorabel (ZonMW and Hersenstichting Nederland)
  • 2014 June - Jeroen Pasterkamp, Pierre de Graan, and Elly Hol received grant from Dutch Epilepsy Foundation